About us

Struma Fruit Ltd. is a family owned company for the production of both natural and organic certified dried fruits and vegetables, which was founded in 2008. Our factory is located in the village of Rajdavitsa, in the region of Kyustendil, known as the orchard of Bulgaria. We ourselves possess own orchards with Conventional and Organic certified cherry and plum trees.

We use only fresh fruits and vegetables, selected from quality varieties, carefully grown and dried by a special method to stay juicy and with irresistible taste. Natural to be healthy for you!

We have our own facility where we have modern equipment for selection, processing, drying and packaging. We maintain a high quality standard at all stages of production to make sure we manufacture the perfect alternative dessert.

We do not compromise on quality! We are confident that once tasted our fruits and vegetables, you will feel healthier, more energetic and happier!